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Why You Would Want to Pay for a Dating Site

Published by Alicia on August 30, 2009

Why would you pay for an online dating service when there are so many on the internet which are free?  Well I suppose that it all depends on how serious you are in your search to find love.  You need to determine what your needs are and make the decision that is right for you.  I have used both types and there are definite differences.

Firstly, it is free and you get what you pay for.  If the site is free, the owners need to make money in some way and mostly they opt for advertising.  Their focus is likely to be on selling ads rather than wanting you to find love and leave their site.  In addition, because it is free, all sorts of people may sign up for fun or to kill an hour or two of boredom.  Also, because there is no payment, no credit cards are produced which would have limited under-aged people.

Secondly, free dating sites often don’t have the features of paid sites.  The software of the site could be cumbersome and slow to load and filtering processed could be limited.  In the end you could find yourself wading through heaps and heaps of profiles to find potential dates.  Contrast this to a paid site that may have matching software and only show you men that will potentially match your personality and interests.

Thirdly, people who pay to be a member of a dating site are showing much more commitment to their search to find love.  By using a paid site you are almost guaranteeing that potential dates are serious and as a by product, they are willing to pay money and they have the money to pay for it.  These are both indicators of at least some financial security of your potential match.

Fourthly, you are more likely to find quality people on paid sites.  They have probably discovered that free dating sites are in fact very expensive with respect to time.  This is a statement that their time is valuable.  This is potentially a good thing.  I say potentially because you don’t want someone who is so short of time that they don’t have the time to devote to the development of a relationship either.

Fifthly, free dating sites are a virtual paradise for all sorts of scammers, con artists and dubious types.  Paid sites are not totally free of these people but they have motivation to remove people of this type from their sites.  Paid sites receive a lot of subscriptions from word of mouth and their reputation.

Sixthly, with paid dating sites, you can often enjoy features such as live webcam, photo uploads, private phone calls and many other things.  They are also generally a safer and more secure computer environment.

Having basically recommended paid dating sites over free dating sites if you are serious in your search to find love, would I ever encourage you to use a free dating site?  Yes, of course.  Initially, free dating sites are perfect if you just want to find out how this scene actually works.  It could be a way of putting your toe in the water so to speak.  Alternatively, a lot of paid sites do have free membership trials that you could experiment with.  Be careful to read all terms of service if taking up a free trial because sometimes your credit card will be automatically debited at the end of the trial.  Make sure you know how to cancel the service if it is not what you want.

To Success and Passion in Your Life!

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What is Your Passion in Life?

Published by Alicia on August 18, 2009

Do you have a passion?  Is it something that you will spend hours doing and not realize the time has just flown by?  Ideally it should be something that drives you out of bed in the morning so that you can do it.  It should be something that gives you purpose in life.

Well, when I started looking, I had trouble.  Yes, I liked a number of things such as reading science fiction/fantasy books, doing jigsaws, playing mindless computer games for hours on end, chatting to friends online, my animals (Jasper (my doggie) and Marcie and Gracie (my two cats)) and not a lot else really.  None of that would make me leap out of bed thinking …”Wow!  I just can’t wait to do …..”  I did not really have a passion.  I am guessing that many of you may not have one either. So how do you find your passion?  There are a number of questions that you could use to get your mind thinking such as:

  • What do I enjoy? (This can get you started at least.)
  • What do I hate?  (Sometimes this identifies passions much faster, ie looking for the opposite of what you hate.)
  • What would I do if I had enough money not to work ever again?  (Skip all of the material things and concentrate on what you would do after all of the nice things were bought.)
  • What would I do if this was the last day of my life?
  • What does success mean for me?
  • What really excites me?
  • If I were immortal, what would I do with my life?
  • What am I proud of?
  • What would I do if I were the President?
  • What would I like to accomplish during my life?
  • What is it that is important to me?

These are merely thought starters and some you will want to answer more than others and that is alright.  You need to test your answers, ie ‘Does doing x make me forget the time or make me want to get up in the morning?’  You may find that you don’t have the answer quite right.  For instance, one of things I came up with was ‘to help people’.  This was all noble and stuff but what did that really mean and did it mean that I wanted to go over to some third world country and dig wells or something?  Well for me, the answer was no but you could easily answer yes.  I had to delve more into this statement to further define exactly what it was that I wanted to do to help people.

I wanted to make the statement make me feel light headed instead of feeling some type of dread. So for me, I might love to play with kittens all day or watch my doggie run free – these make me feel joy.  But I would not want to help kittens or dogs that had been maltreated because I would become way too sad.  So listen to your heart for lightness and joy when determining what your passion may be.

Some of these passions may have come from your youth – things that you may have put aside to study, have a career or to have a family, etc.  Why can’t you look to follow your dreams now?  A book that I would highly recommend is The Passion Test by Janet Attwood.  This is the book that I credit most with my new search to fulfillment  in my life.  This book can help you too if that is where you are at the moment.  It is never, ever too late.  Click on the link below to get it.

So why am I talking about passion?  It is simple really.  If you don’t have passion and fulfillment in your life, then you are most likely not ‘whole’.  If you are not whole, it is likely to show in desperation on your part when you go to find your love in life.  We don’t want that.  You need to be the best you you can be for this search.

To Success and Passion in Your Life!


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